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The Lipica Stud Farm is the cradle of all Lipizzaner horses in the world. Nowadays it is one of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments of the Republic of Slovenia, its rich history reaching back to the year of 1580. It has been boasting of the tradition of breeding and selecting pure-breed horses. In the 1960’s the Lipica Stud Farm established the Classic Riding School which still participates in worldwide equestrian events. It successfully combines the rich natural and cultural heritage of the unique karst setting with modern tourist offer. In the recent years the Lipica Stud Farm has extended its activity and established a multi-purpose leisure centre comprising:
  • Hotels
  • Mini Golf
  • Golf Course
  • Fitness
  • Tennis courts
  • Casino

In 2010 the Lipica Stud Farm celebrated its 430th anniversary.


The Federal Stud Piber in Köflach, which is situated 45 km (28 miles) west of Graz, looks back at 400 years of tradition. It is the home of the world-famous white stallions which perform at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The latter is the only institution in the world which has been preserving the High School of classical riding in its Renaissance tradition until today. One of Piber’s major objectives is to uphold a substantial part of Austria’s cultural heritage and to preserve one of the best and most beautiful horse breeds in its original form. Our guides will tell you in an entertaining way all about breeding, rearing and keeping of the Lipizzaners. The history and the ancestry of this oldest cultural breed in Europe is one of the main issues. Enjoy the imperial baroque horses in all their facets regardless of whether you're enjoying a coach ride, watching a stud performance, one of our tournaments, a guided tour in the stud or visiting the summer pastures. Piber is worth a visit for families, scholars, kindergarten or travel groups alike. Not only horse lovers appreciate this special excursion destination. The Lipizzaner's are indispensible historical cultural heritage, at home in the gentle hilly landscape in western Styria and can be visited the whole year round.

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